Solutions for Hi-Risk HD CCTV Medium-Large systems

Advanced IP Cameras & Centralized HD NVRs

Professional High Definition Surveillance Camera range covers all current day requirements where analogue cameras fall short, suitable for advanced industrial installations, commercial locations and large scale systems.

roboza features multie mega pixel

Multi Mega Pixel

Instead of having to install 30 Analogue cameras, 10 HD cameras can do a better job.

roboza features smart ir technology

Smart IR Technology

Roboza's Smart Infrared Technology Automatically controls the IR sensitivity based on object's distance.

roboza features power over ethernet poe

Power Over Ethernet

Save resources & time by eliminating electrical sockets, POE comes standard with cameras & even NVRs.

roboza features open minded systems

Open-Minded Systems

Roboza NVRs accept IP cameras from other brands, and selected IP cameras from Roboza support ONVIF 2.0

roboza features full data protection

Full Data Protection

Security experts' biggest nightmare is losing records due to disk crashes, Roboza solves this with built-in RAID.

roboza features ultra high performance

Ultra High Performance

Only superior components keep delivering beyond the warranty period, Roboza uses such components.

roboza features super wide coverage

Super Wide Coverage

Opt for the super wide lens option for the maximum detail capturing and minimal dead spots.

designed for high risk

Designed for High Risk

Roboza systems shine in many business implementations globally, from banks to manufacturing facilities.

Solutions for Door Management and Staff Attendance

Access Control for Doors & Attendance

maxcom access control for doors and attendance advanced security systems dubai

Maxcom's Access Control solutions satisfy many requirements; designed for applications like mega establisments, banks, and corporates HQs.Standalone or Centralised Time & Attendance systems come bundled with full reporting software.

Maxcom's various Online & Standalone Access Control Solutions offer many innovative features.

maxcom access control system features rfid card
maxcom access control system features fingerprint
maxcom access control system features usb backup
maxcom access control system features featured software
maxcom access control system features tcp ip
maxcom access control system features real time
Wireless Plug'N'Play IP Camera with recording, Alarm, 2-way Audio & safety alerts

Watch, Listen & Talk around the world using PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android

hd ip camera wifi remote monitor two way communicator video and sound recorder alarm control center

Robocam Remote Monitors are the true answer for office safe-guarding, monitoring, recording, & communication. Takes a few simple clicks to setup the Wireless Camera in any country and immediately enables communication remotely from anywhere in the world.

home and Office access hi-res playback record on robocam covers the entire room listen and talk receive alerts and photos one click setup
Solutions for Internet & SMS enabled Intrusion Alarm and Smart Office Automation

Protect your possessions

jablotron oasis gsm alarm system dubai wireless system gsm gprs reporting complete remote access easy to expand

Oasis is a professional electronic security system that adjusts exactly to the requirements of your house or apartment. You have an overview of everything that is happening in your household or company via your mobile phone or Internet. Events from the guarded area can be also reported to a security service agency that in the case of burglary or possible fire emergency ensures immediate professional intervention on the spot.

New alarm
with revolutionary control

jablotron ja-100 alarm dubai combining wired connections with wireless detectors devices

Alarm combining wired connections with wireless detectors, devices, up to 120 wireless or bus zones & 300 user codes support.

Wireless IP Camera Solutions
with Audio & Smart Search

HD Network Cameras & NVR
with POE

y-cam features easy integration complete compatibility future proof solution

Y-Cam's Innovative wireless IP cam range is the solution for having crisp video & audio Live-Streamed & stored on a Network Recorder for archiving & video analytics. Y-cam's supporting applications help you stay in touch with what matters most by logging live from your PCs and mobile devices.

Long Term Recording

Store & Archive into the NVR, Network Video Recorder with data protection for the IP camera records

y-cam features long term recording

Live View Analytics

Quickly go through your recorded data to find specific events and abnormalities

y-cam features live view analytics

WeatherProof CCTV Camera

Built tough to withstand the desert hear, humidity, sand and potentially; rain.

y-cam features weatherproof

High Definition Security Cameras

Get more detail, more coverage span and more depth out of your cameras

security camera, wireless camera

y-cam features high definition