Solutions for Indoor Monitoring
Robocam Features
hd ip camera wifi remote monitor two way communicator video and sound recorder alarm control center

Robocam Remote Monitors are the true answer for home safe-guarding, monitoring, recording, & communication. Takes a few simple clicks to setup in any country and immediately enables communication remotely from anywhere in the world.

Solutions for Villa & Commercial Security

Wireless IP Cameras & NVR
with Audio & POE

y-cam features easy integration complete compatibility future proof solution

Y-Cam's Innovative wireless IP Cameras are the perfect solution for having crisp video & audio Live-Streamed & stored on a Network Recorder for archiving & video analytics. Y-cam's supporting applications help you stay in touch with what matters most by logging live from your PCs and mobile devices.

Long Term Recording

Store & Archive into the NVR, Network Video Recorder with data protection

y-cam features long term recording

Live View Analytics

Quickly go through your recorded data to find specific events and abnormalities

y-cam features live view analytics


Built tough to withstand the desert hear, humidity, sand and potentially; rain.

y-cam features weatherproof

High Definition

Get more detail, more coverage span and more depth out of your cameras

y-cam features high definition
Solutions for zero cabling

Wireless Battery
Operated Cameras

Door Guard peephole Viewer  digital door viewer motion sensor knocking sensor home security

A peephole battery operated camera with LCD, takes snapshots to SD-card of whomever comes to your door on knock & motion. Printer took a galley of type and scrambled.

Door Guard features image recording knocking snapshot motion snapshot


Door Guard accessories includes motion sensor knocking sensor RoboLight

Weather-proof motion activated,
battery operated camera

Brinno iCatcher motion capture camera motion activated to capture images and convert these images into a time lapse video

A motion activated, wire-free battery operated weather-proof camera, takes snapshots of whomever moves next to it.

iCatcher features timelapse video waterproof battery operated mation activated
Solutions for Intrusion & Fire Alarm
AZOR wireless gsm alarm system easy to install easy to operate sms and phone call

The Azor GSM mini alarm offers its users full comfort thanks to easy wireless installation and operation. Arming and disarming the system is possible with just a small tag assigned to a particular user. All that is needed is already contained in the kit.


  • GSM Plug-and-Play mini alarm system ideal for small installations
  • Intuitive and easy for end users
  • 10 wireless detectors (motion, door/ window
  • 10 registered users for alarm notifications and control opening, smoke)
  • Voice and SMS reporting to up to 10 telephone numbers
  • Voice menu for easy navigation
  • 433 MHZ radio communication